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Best Summer Songs for Your Party or for Just Feeling Good All Summer Long - All-Time Summer Songs

"The summer wind - came blowing in - from across the sea. It lingered there - to touch your hair and walk with me." Summer Wind - Lyrics by Johnny Mercer, music by Henry Mayer

For much of the world's population, summers are short. When you live in a climate that has long winters it is the yearly dream to have a long and lovely summer.
Summer grills, dips in the pool, walks of solace on paths and trails, bike rides along the lakefront, the long sought vacation, pulling out the flip-flops. Throwing a 4th of July party or a party to celebrate absolutely nothing you still have to have some of the essentials in place. You must provide good food, thirst quenching beverages and music. Music is a must-have element at any party and in most cases you need to broaden your horizons with a variety of types of music, but not too much variety. You need to make the majority of your party attendees feel comfortable. When looking at the history of music, some recent material just doesn't fit. Here are the essentials.
Enjoy the summer. Stay safe and theme it all with the finest summer songs of all-time.

Summer Wind - A classic song from the legendary Frank Sinatra. Johnny Mercer's stunningly nostalgic take on a short-lived romance survives to this day almost 50 years later as one of the definitive songs from the Frank Sinatra catalog. The anthem of summer. The personification of the season.
Summer - An absolutely beautiful song by the early 1970's band, War. This song defines a relaxed summer day. Get out the chaise lounge and settle in.

Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful hit number one with this song on the billboard charts in August, 1966. Horns give you a feel of the city streets and you can almost feel your sweat.

Boys of Summer - A Don Henley jewel from his solo career. The 1980's didn't deliver much better than this track.

Surfin Safari - The Beach Boys are iconic and for a reason. Melodies that are complex and lyrics that are memorably repeatable. Their brand of the beach music scene surpassed any other act that even attempted this genre.

A Summer Song - Chad and Jeremy were an early part of the British invasion and this song still conjures up fond thoughts for the older baby boomers.

Theme from "A Summer Place" - A stunningly beautiful piece of music. The movie is this side of please don't make me sit that through that again, but the song lives long. Haunting and gorgeous. Senior guests may actually remember thoughts of making out in the bushes.

Surfer Girl - One of the finest of the fine from the mind of Brian Wilson. The Beach Boys delivered harmonies in the same league with the Eagles. The two most gifted harmony singing acts in the rock/pop era. This song is a must play at any summer gathering.

Hot Fun In the Summertime - Sly and the Family Stone were way ahead of their time. They were doing Prince before Prince. This song obviously solidified their entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
School’s Out - Alice Cooper! Speaking of being ahead of one's time. His brand of rock may not be every one's go to, but this song reminds you of that last day of school. To this day, every August I think I have to go back to school. Well, school's out!

Heat Wave - 1963 saw Martha Reeves and the Vandellas deliver a downright anthem for summer. It's a rollicking roll through the summer solstice. Pure happiness in under three minutes.

Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles! Oh yeah. It's a good day whenever you hear the fab four, but this is a given at any summer get together.

All Summer Long - In some ways, it sounds like summer is just beginning and then the song fades to an end of summer run. The Beach Boys deliver another few minutes of recorded bliss.

Summer Soft - Stevie Wonder's sublime track from one of the great albums of all-time. This song appears on the 1976 collection entitled, Songs in the Key of Life. Your summer party needs to include this tribute to the three month summer fest.

Grazing in the Grass - The Friends of Distinction roll you through any barbecue or picnic in the park. Plain out fun track.

Montego Bay - Bobby Bloom's Jamaica tribute from 1970 makes you feel good and your guests will start singing along.

Late in the Evening - One of Paul Simon's greatest songs and that is saying something. He was a highly prolific music artist and this song lays down an admirable chord progression. If you ever fell for someone fast...

Take it Easy - Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey co-wrote this song. It was the first single in the long and storied career of the Eagles. It first hit the radio airwaves in May, 1972. Randy Meisner sings the harmony vocals up front and Don Henley does the harmony vocal to close-out the song. Standin' on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

See You In September - The Happenings serve up a song to close out a summer. Remember that summer love or that spring love or that fall or winter love? Hopefully, you will see them in September.

Up On the Roof - Any version of this song works well at a party, but the James Taylor version has multiple reasons to give it a thumbs up vote for your celebration. Of course, the Drifters were one of the best of the early pop/rock acts. Listen to them both!

Walking on Sunshine - Another nice diversion from a one hit wonder from the 80's. There is no way you can sit still with this track. Feel good tune from Katrina and the Waves.

Dancing in the Moonlight - Interesting enough, this track was released in the middle of winter, but oh, what a party tune it is. If you have a nice moment, ask your husband to dance around 10pm and hopefully, you get the moonlight.

Blue Bayou - Whether you are in the South or not isn't relevant, but for some reason it may help. Linda Ronstadt was the single most gifted female vocalist of the rock era and she zones in with this track.

A Beautiful Morning - The Rascals rouse you and wake you with this joyful track from 1968. It's a Beautiful Morning! Drenched in the Rascals' keyboard sound this one will make you lift out of a sound sleep.

Lovely Day - Bill Withers calms you and gives you a kick while you are jumping in the pool or laying in the sun. Take a walk.

Here Comes the Sun - George Harrison wrote this song while he was sitting in his garden. It still works in a garden or anywhere else for that matter.

Sailing - You don't have to be out on the water, but if you are you just one-upped your summer song list. Christopher Cross lays it down and gives you a little fragment of peace of mind.

Wonderful Summer - Robin Ward's little ditty from 1963 made it a one hit wonder. Lay back and close your eyes.

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer - Overall, not one of the best songs from the Nat King Cole catalog, but you can't resist the tune when you are in the realm of summer songs. He recorded that song not long before his death.

Summer Lovin - A track from the Grease soundtrack will engage those from all age brackets. It still works 35 years after the release of this movie musical.

Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams got his first real six string. Good tune that takes you out of the 60's and 70's for a bit.

California Nights - An obscure song from the 1960's. Lesley Gore was produced by Quincy Jones (Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson) and she turned in some of the quintessential "girl" songs from the era, but this song has a kick like no other song from her catalog. Fantastic sound and a must-have at any summer party.

Kokomo - The Beach Boys scored again in the 1980's with this absolute classic. Oh yeah, I'm going to the beach.

I Can See Clearly Now - It's going to be a bright, sunshiny day. You never miss with this song. Johnny Nash delivers one of the best songs ever.

Sunny Afternoon - An odd entry into the catalog of the Kinks, but it's just different enough to add a bit of additional flavor to your track list.

Saturday in the Park - It's so summer-bent that you have to include it on any list of this nature. One of Chicago's most famous songs is embedded in the summer musical catalog.

Waiting on a Sunny Day - A breeze of a song from Bruce Springsteen. One of his brightest moments from the last 15 years.

Pretty World - A delightfully sunny tune from Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66. Yes, the Brasil is spelled correctly. This song is as smooth as satin. Lani Hall's vocals were unbeatable during the era. A highly underrated and undervalued vocalist.

Surfin' U.S.A. - Another Beach Boys entry. Quite honestly, you can host an entire summer party event with one of the multiple collections of the Beach Boys' greatest hits. Fun, fun, fun.

Wake Up Sunshine - One of Chicago's finest moments with Peter Cetera and Robert Lamm splitting the vocals. Great tune.

Stoned Soul Picnic - This is an upbeat tune that revels in its summerness. The Fifth Dimension provided some of pop's best vocals.

Sunset Grill - A Don Henley song with the gentle slope of a summer walk in the sand.

The Summer Knows (Theme Song from Summer of '42) - End the evening with this lovely piece of music. Wow. I love summer!

Everyone of these songs can be purchased on iTunes. If you purchase all of these songs it will cost you around $50.00 and that will make it one of the best deals at your party. Remember to support the artists. They have given us a lifetime of memories and yes long after your relationships end you still have the music.

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