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The Most Beautiful Couples of All-Time

There was one rule for all voters. The only way a couple could make this list was they had to be married, had been married or they had to have at least five years together as a couple (not having been married). When you are dealing with the beautiful and the famous you have to have some foundation of a ground rule, since the beautiful and the famous aren't exactly known for their long-term commitments to fidelity. Every one of these couples fit the bill. Another rule was that both individuals had to be public figures on their own. Go wild and disagree. By beautiful we meant beautiful. If we are going to waste our lives assembling the superficial aspects of life we may as well go full throttle and make sure the really stunning folks make the list. My own personal favorites made the list, but then again, my parents were stunning and I held back placing them on the list. 

1) Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner - It would be wildly difficult to come up with two more sensationally beautiful people in a marriage than these two people.They married for the first time back in the late 1950's. Divorced in the early 1960's and then they reconnected nearly a decade later and seemingly realized their love was deep and long. Wagner and Wood married for the second time on a boat in the early 1970s.  Natalie Wood died mysteriously on Thanksgiving Day, 1981, (while on a boating journey) but she had spent her last 23 years of life in three marriages and two of them were with film/television actor, Robert Wagner. Their two wedding day photos alone lay the ground for near physical perfection. Wood had a long and successful film career that saw her as a child actor, a teen actor and a successful three-time Academy Award nominee. Wagner had a lenghthy television and film career and still works as we go to hitting publish.

2) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that mixing these two faces into one couple delivers a power punch of gorgeousness. They have had children of their own and have used their good fortune to adopt children in need. They both seem to be aging quite nicely, but hopefully their love will last 'til death do them part. They've only paired on-screen once, so maybe another film will come from the couple soon. Married!

3) Julie Christie and Warren Beatty - Beatty dated so many beautiful women that you could almost  put him on this list with a whole host of other lovely women. Leslie Caron, Natalie Wood, and Joan Collins were three of his more formidable conquests and all of them were/are stunning, but Julie Christie was with Beatty longer than any of these other women and she is one of the most beautiful women who ever graced a movie screen. They never married, but they spent about seven years together as a couple. What children they may have produced? It's hard to believe he is pushing 80 years of age. Christie practically still looks like the mod 1960's fashion plate she once was back during the all encompassing British invastion of the 1960s.

4) Francis Dee and Joel McCrea - In order to do this right, you have to go back a bit and back is what we did. True movie buffs not only get this couple, but they get the beauty. McCrea and Dee were married for years. They spent a near literal lifetime together and they managed to do all of this without a hint of scandal. Of all the old movie stars no two looked better together than these two. He was just a knockout and she graced the screen with a high level of old fashioned elegance. They left Hollywood years and years ago which may be a key reason why their marriage lasted until a last breath.

5) Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn - They separated after 13 years of marriage. Great faces. They almost look alike. I saw her once in the locker room of a spa in the Los Angeles area. She looks great without make-up. That's the true testament of a great looking woman. We kind of thought they were the real deal. There's no business like show business.

6) Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere - This marriage didn't last too long, but it gave us two memorable faces. Crawford seemingly doesn't age. Her second husband is quite the looker as well. Gere is handsome without being a pretty boy. His features aren't perfect or even symmetrical, but he is one attractive guy. Crawford may be one of the best looking women who ever lived. I saw her in Malibu on a somewhat regular basis and she always looked pretty much perfect physically.

7) Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott - The voices, the smiles, the length of years behind their marriage. Ross and Elliott are the two old hippie types on this list. A far prettier face than Katharine Ross one cannot find. Elliott even manages to look good all bearded up and ready for the high hills. They've been together for nearly 40 years. Ross didn't bother with the usual suspect treatments that most actresses fall in line with, so she hasn't worked much in her senior years, but she's another one of those people that even wrinkled still has it. 

8) Jane Asher and Paul McCartney - Asher and McCartney were together for 5 1/2 years during the Beatles heyday and McCartney wrote some of his best love songs for/about her. He also wrote some of his best I love you, but I'm mad at you songs for her. We Can Work It Out, For No One, I'm Looking Through You were some of McCartney's best overall compositions and it's too bad they stopped disagreeing. He also wrote And I Love Her, Things We Said Today, and All My Loving for the stunning Asher. She was the most significant muse of the rock era. She was smarter and stronger than the average bear, since few 22 year olds would say bye-bye to a man they loved who happened to be a Beatle. By all accounts he wanted her to give up her beloved career. Here, There and Everywhere may very well be the most consequential love song written in the rock era. Love never jumped off of a music device more vividly than with this catastrophically beautiful song.

9) Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach - A 60's power couple who courted themselves out of a long-haul relationship. They were quite the stunners and together they were doubly stunning. Bacharach is one of the most successful composers of the 20th century. Imagine owning that catalog? Dickinson was a beautiful woman who had a successful career in film and then again on television. Her Pepper Anderson (Police Woman) became a role model for many a young woman coming of age in the 1970s.

10) Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen - This early 1970's hot duo didn't last long. If nothing else, they were certainly a lovely couple. McQueen died young from cancer. He was only 50 years old when his life ended. MacGraw was naturally attractive. This is the woman who looked better in weekend runaround clothes than most woman look in sequined gowns. True and natural style not bested by anyone outside of Audrey Hepburn.

11) Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal - Fawcett had one of the most memorable faces of the second half of the 20th century. The smile and the hair still rank high as desirable traits. O'Neal had the all-American face that was downright near perfect. Before she and O'Neal gave chase to a long relationship she also mowed down another good looking actor. She was married to the Bionic Man's Lee Majors. Fawcett tragically died in 2009 after a long struggle with cancer.

12) Olivia Hussey and Dean Paul Martin - Olivia Hussey was beautiful and Dean Paul Martin looked like the female version of his mother even though his father was a shock of good looks as well. The story goes that Dean Paul Martin saw Hussey in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet and wanted to meet her. Being the celebrity son of an American vocal and entertainment legend made it easy for him to get an introduction. They birthed a child. Martin died tragically in a fatal plane crash.

13) Jean Shrimpton and Terence Stamp - Imagine being in a room when these two walked in? Talk about feeling slightly slouchy. Wow. We need more beautiful people falling in love with one another.
Shrimpton was the ultimate supermodel of swinging London in the 1960s. She fronted Yardley of London for years. 

14) Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - Rumors swirl that their marriage is over, but they were together for a long time and by entertainment industry standards, their marriage has lasted a long time. Hopefully, they will continue on for years to come. Both are great looking in person, which is the ultimate testament in the good looks department.

15) Ann-Margret and Roger Smith - Smith is barely remembered at this stage of life, but there was a time when his 77 Sunset Strip looks adorned the minds of lots of women across the Western world. Ann-Margret was the coolest chick on a movie screen during the heyday of the 1960's romantic comedies. They never had biological children together, but they have manged to stay married since 1967.

16) Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy and John Kennedy - Two superb looking people. Unfortunately, for America and the world their love ended tragically on a horribly twisted day in history. They both had smiles that went on for days. By the way, politics doesn't play a role here. These two were just good looking.

17) Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr. - How do you not love him? He's got that superb voice for the great American songbook and he's a cutie to boot. She gained fame as a model in the 1990's. Great looking couple.

18) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green - They seem like odd ducks from a personality perspective, but they certainly are an attractive couple. Megan Fox doesn't even seem real. Exceptionally good looking duo. I hope they last for a lifetime.

19) Christy Turlington and Edward Burns - She is one of the major supermodels from the final years of the 20th century. The two of them connected in a somewhat romantic fashion and so far their relationship has survived the life of modeling and show biz.

20) Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox - Two of the best looking people God ever allowed. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, but just based on looks alone they were pretty unforgettable.
Near physically perfect!

21) Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin - Lots of fighting between these two, but you would be hard pressed not to recognize what a stunning couple they once made. Highly unfortunate this relationship didn't last.

22) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz - No show biz married couple could possibly be more aligned as a duo. Even sixty plus years after the debut of the iconic I Love Lucy program people know it when you say Lucy and Ricky or Lucy and Desi. Lucille Ball was gorgeous. Her comic timing is unmatched by any other actor, but with that we sort of forget how great looking she was.

23) Pattie Boyd and George Harrison - A second Beatle makes this list. George was a good looking guy who got lost in all of the cute Beatle stuff put upon Paul McCartney. Patricia Boyd was a top model (four times on the cover of Vogue in 1969) who captured Beatle George's heart and she was secondary as muse to only McCartney's love, Jane Asher. Boyd eventually married Eric Clapton. They were a good looking couple too.

24) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton - Not to put the grand dame of beauty on the list would be shameful; and Burton was a hunk of masculinity. Yes, they were a beautiful couple.  She was also recently voted the Most Beautiful Actress of All-Time in another poll on this site. What a face!

25) Cheryl Tiegs and Peter Beard - Tiegs was one of the top models from the 1970's. When she connected with photographer, Peter Beard they made couple history. Who on earth really looks like this? Well, besides some of the other people on this list...

26) Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant - Tis a pity this relationship didn't last longer, even though by entertainment industry standards it lasted a pretty long time. If nothing else, they looked perfect together.

27) Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham - She's easily the best looking female rock star ever and Buckingham with facial hair and without it was a superb looking man. Rock on for the ages. Nicks even aged well. Those songs they wrote about one another still live on. Silver Springs. Oh yeah!

28) Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid - These two were just adorable and then the eyes seemed to rove and roved more. Great looking couple.

29) Carolyn Bessette and John Kennedy Jr. - He was the most gorgeous man that ever walked the planet and then he encounters the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. I suspect she even looked good at dawn and no one looks good at dawn. Rest in Peace.

30) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher - She's a doll and he's got that classic, yet not so classic featured face. Who knows? Maybe this time it's for real.

31) Romy Schneider and Alain Delon - You have to be a film buff to know who these two are. Delon was awe-inspiring in the looks department and his one time spouse was a unique and lovely woman.

32) Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. - McCoo was gorgeous. Easily one of the best looking women show business ever produced. Their marriage has lasted a really long time. God bless them both! They no longer tour with the Fifth Dimension, but you could still listen to their music.  

33) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds - Let's see how long this lasts, but they are married, so they qualified.  Nice looking couple. Love takes time folks!

34) Edyta Sliwinksa and Alec Mazo - They gained fame on Dancing with the Stars and then went off and danced with their business. Hard to forget those looks. May it last for many more years. May it last a lifetime.

35) Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson - Obviously, one of the great love stories of all-time. Tragic early death for her. Lovely couple.

36) Jessica Lange and Sam Shephard - It's more than a shame that these two eventually split up. They were together nearly 30 years. How does that happen? After 30 years you suddenly decide you don't like someone anymore? Great looking duo.

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The 100 Most Beautiful Actresses of All-Time...

The 100 Most Beautiful Actresses of All-time...

This list isn't about personality, talent, character (or lack thereof), political ideology, likability or body shape. Pure and simple, it is about the face. Superficial?  Perhaps, but after reading a series of celebrity bios it seemed the perfect opportunity to do a poll and build the list.  1,368 people were polled. 86% of the people polled were women. The ballpark demo is female between 35-60 years of age. Some of the respondents named 10-12 people while others selected the woman they most wanted to look like. Male responders selected the woman they most wanted to date or be married to (outside of their wives/girlfriends, of course).

This list represents what the women looked like at the height of their respective careers (or to keep in the mode of superficiality - what they looked like during the height of their beauty).

I'd like to thank all of the people who took the time to participate in the polling.  A special thank you to the "beauty" experts - the hairstylists/colorists and the cosmetics/skincare workers who participated. I'd also like to thank the movie buffs and television fanatics who supplied their votes, for without them, some of the great beauties may have been forgotten (Hedy Lamarr, for example).  People will no doubt argue the list or argue the order of the list, but this is a poll that was six months in the making.  A tremendous amount of time and work went into this top 100.  In the end, I decided I could have been doing something far more worthwhile with my time, but once you start a project, you finish the project.

1) Elizabeth Taylor  - Elizabeth Taylor was stunningly beautiful. It's not arguable. She had a flawless face and her features were perfect. She possessed unique violet/blue eyes, superb bone structure and she never took a bad picture.  In poll after poll, women wanted to have her nose, her lips, her hair.  She was even beautiful as an old woman. Breathtaking. That face will always have a place in the sun and out of it for that matter. She is to beauty what Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is to music.

2) Grace Kelly - Like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly never took a bad photograph. She was so beautiful it was impossible for her to look bad. Lighting, makeup and professional photography were irrelevant. It is virtually impossible to look at that face and not see the handiwork of a perfect genetic plan. She was absolutely stunning and certainly as regal in appearance as she was with her Royal Highness title. Absolutely flawlessly perfect.

3) Brigitte Bardot - Bardot is unique and timeless. Even now, her looks are of the moment. She wore the tousled hair look like no other. The Bardot of her heyday still has a winning look nearly 60 years after her first screen appearance.  Older men (50 plus) obviously still love her.

4) Julie Christie - Christie was superbly beautiful. Her face is classic and she easily played the period pieces, but she had the hipster swagger that worked well in contemporary fare, so she could go from "Dr. Zhivago" to "Darling" all in a season.  Everything about her is lovely.  She did blonde and brunette and she did it all poetically. She had a Bardot face, but with a more dignified air. Julie Christie still reigns supreme in the beauty department. 

5) Jacqueline Bisset - Watch the famously bad film "Rich and Famous."  Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen star in the hokey film, but they are two of the great screen creatures in all of cinema. Jacqueline Bisset never ever looked bad.  There was no angle, no shot, no awkward side view where Bisset didn't look physically awesome.  "Rich and Famous" is worth watching just to see two of the most beautiful women of all time out top each other in scene after bad scene. 

6) Candice Bergen - A rare natural blonde. She possessed a beautiful face, bold eyes and a lovely smile.  Bergen was as close to the blonde ice queen as you could get outside of second ranked Grace Kelly. Elegant and sleek at any age.  

7) Jaclyn Smith - The most naturally beautiful woman in television history. Smith had a gorgeous brown mane of hair, lovely skin and stunning features. Jaclyn Smith was a model prior to being hired to play one of the original angels on the iconic ABC television program. A perfectly featured woman.

8) Catherine Deneuve - Deneuve had to know what face she had been born with.  No one could look in the mirror and not see that golden compass that radiated a supremely perfect face. To stare her down in a French film or from the black backdrop of a Chanel ad made you wish you could look like that for just one day.

9) Ava Gardner - A bad girl who looked good at all times. Ava Gardner was a firebrand of wild girl living. She had an earthy beauty that never slept. From those that knew her - she was more breathtaking in person than on screen.

10) Natalie Wood - Natale Wood appeared in several iconic films during a long career, but a short life. She died tragically and somewhat suspiciously in 1981. Her death at the age of 43 left us with the legacy of a forever young Natalie Wood. Always perfectly groomed and coiffed. She defined the very concept of a movie star and her graciously gorgeous face lives on.

11) Vanessa Williams - Vanessa Williams is one of the best looking women of the last 30 years. Her face is flawless. She has wonderful hair, eyes and overall features. She even sings a lovely tune which matches the lovely face. Vanessa Williams has beauty in abundance.

12) Monica Bellucci - Monica Bellucci is gorgeous. She even managed to look captivating playing Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's powerful "The Passion of the Christ." In the film, she clearly wears no makeup, outside of screen makeup and yet she is knock down stunning. Her face is an assertive and splendid example of what makes a memorable movie siren.

13) Vivien Leigh - Vivien Leigh embodied the role of Margaret Mitchell's famed spoiled brat, Scarlett O'Hara, but one can still see 75 years later why her bratty and catty role sent shivers up the spine of Rhett Butler. Still gorgeous after all these years.

14) Katharine Ross - In one way, she was the classic vision of the all-American girl and yet there aren't too many people you live next door to that look like Katharine Ross. She possessed a killer smile and a thick mane of glossy hair.  If you came of age during that time period you probably wanted to look like Katharine Ross. Raindrops (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) could fall on her head all day long and she'd look good. When you see her in The Graduate she still stands the fashion and style test of time.  

15) Audrey Hepburn - Audrey Hepburn was not necessarily a classic beauty like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, but she is unique and enchanting.  Her pixie look combined perfectly with her Holly Golightly and of course her overall look of My Fair Lady made her one of the great movie stars of all time; and one of the most beautiful actresses in film history.  One scene to watch: the one where she exits the room with the hat on in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." She even makes a stunning nun in the classic "The Nun's Story."

16) Ann-Margret - Fabulous face. The best looking redhead (not a natural redhead) of all time. A non-stop cycle of beauty every which way you look.  Ann-Margret was a stunner from head to toe, but that face continues to be memorable to anyone whoever had the opportunity to see it.  Viva Ann-Margret.

17) Diahann Carroll - Carroll was a trailblazer in American television history and she trail blazed with a beautiful face. Perfect bone structure. Check out that jawline, those cheekbones.  She was also blessed with lovely skin. She aged well on top of it all!

18) Ingrid Bergman - Bergman had a hauntingly beautiful face.  She always had a here's lookin' at you photo perfect look, but there is a deep rooted treasure there as well. Time may go by, but Bergman's beauty lives on. Bergman had a heartbreaking and brooding look that has survived through the last 70 years.

19) Jennifer O'Neill - O'Neill always looked like she was running in from some wide open field. She is natural and free of any textured appearance cover-ups. A former model turned actress, she was the face of Cover Girl for years and that face still works.

20) Natalie Portman - Portman is the most beautiful actress of her generation. Her face is a lovely design that seems perfectly planned and yet unplanned.  She looks great no matter what...  The smile. The bone structure. The hair. The face.

 21) Sharon Stone - Stone is even more beautiful than given credit for over the years. She was always beautiful (check out her high school yearbook shot) and her monumental face is instinctual every which way you look at it. Could you possibly have more facial symmetry?  

22) Catherine Zeta Jones - Zeta Jones has always possessed a certain elegance and dignity to match that face. She has that rare quality that inspires you to look beyond the face, but in the end, she is one of the world's most beautiful actresses.

23) Raquel Welch - Welch was probably better known for her killer body, but it's the face that lives on.  She's still beautiful. Perfect bone structure, stunning skin, superb features with a smile that is endless and forever.

24) Maureen O'Hara - The Irish born O'Hara had looks for the movie screen.  Her long career matched the beauty of her face.  She is the most gorgeous natural redhead on the list.  Most women would be green with envy, but O'Hara's beauty may outlast a few of Ireland's deep valleys. Well, probably not.   

25) Michelle Pfeiffer  - Pfeiffer has a distinctly feminine look. She is a finely tuned symmetrical masterpiece. Like Grace Kelly, she is pretty much a bore, but this list is only about the face.  How would you like to be burdened with this for a face?

26) Jane Seymour - From Bond girl to a country doctor, but always looking smooth. Seymour is regal looking. She easily could have captured the heart of a womanizing King. Seymour's face is an excellent canvas and her face often looks like a painting from another era.

27) Diane Lane - Feminine and smart. At the height of her beauty she absolutely was one of the loveliest actresses in cinematic history. This is what a movie star looks like. Evan past a certain age, Lane was a stunner.

28) Suzanne Pleshette - She had minor successes in film and a significant career in television, but she should have had a bigger career all the way around.  Great comic chops and Johnny Carson had a big crush on her.  Comedy proved to be lovely to look at when the lines were being delivered by her breathy deep voice.

29) Sophia Loren - Bold, earthy and dramatic. Loren has long been admired for her stylish looks that stood through the latter half of cinema's 20th century. Loren was a centerpiece for international beauties in film history. Those almond shaped eyes lined with Kohl have been copied over and over and over again.

30) Freida Pinto - This young actress is a vision of femininity and beauty. Wonderfully beautiful whether she's in India, the United States or at some other far corner of our big world. A chic young actress who hopefully will have a long future in her career.

31) Hedy Lamarr - Most people under a certain age have absolutely no idea who Hedy Lamarr is and what a shame. Gorgeous is an understatement. Her face some 70 plus years after the photos were taken are downright beyond beautiful.

32) Lena Horne - This list wasn't going to include singers who appeared in films and/or television as actors, therefore Beyonce, Olivia Newton-John, Whitney Houston and several other beautiful women do not appear on this list, but it would be virtually impossible not to include Lena Horne. Lena Horne is one of the finest singers/vocalists, stylists and interpreters of the great American songbook, but she also left a lasting legacy on celluloid. Lena Horne, like Loretta Young (#51) looked as beautiful as an old woman as she did as a young woman. 

33) Ali MacGraw - She looked better in blue jeans and a t-shirt than most women look in formal wear. Outside of Audrey Hepburn no actress has more true style than Ali MacGraw. Where's my hat? I saw her working on a volunteer project - she had on overalls and yes, she looked better than most women do who are going to a wedding. She was flawless, effortless and chic.

34) Gene Tierney - Stunning and beautiful enough to be remembered even after all of these years. She didn't have a memorable career filmography, but the face lives on. Reboot the circuit breaker for the design of that face.  She was most beautiful in profile. Just gorgeous and not a half bad actress. Her performance in "The Razor's Edge" is quite worthwhile, although she plays bad in this film.

35) Lana Turner - The blonde bombshell from the 1940's.  Slight features and porcelain skin. She had an iconic beauty that was downright haunting for a generation of film fans.


36) Paula Patton - Impossibly beautiful? No, she really looks like this.  A classy and stylish confidence with a face that lights up a room and a screen.

37) Greta Garbo - Seeing her you almost can't believe her dominant face.  Dramatically stunning. At the peak of her great beauty Garbo defined the very notion of an early cinematic star. Garbo's face is downright consequential. She was a cold-shouldered example of beauty, but the uniqueness is legendary.

38) Sela Ward - Former model turned actress, Sela Ward is strong and simply sensational. There is nothing complicated about her almost perfect physical appearance.

39) Kate Becksinsale - Beckinsale has classic looks and she's always perfectly put together. You never will see her walking around in pajama pants.  That face is beyond not being average.  Cosmetic complexity adorned on a British subject of near perfection. 

40) Rita Hayworth - Just look at her face when she opens the door in "Gilda." One need not say another thing. That's a movie star. A cyclone of womanhood for an entire generation.

41) Farrah Fawcett - Her famed red bathing suit poster outsold all others, but it wasn't the red bathing suit -- it was the blonde hair hanging loosely down over the shoulder blades, a smile with simple sincerity and blue eyes that blended in with the clouds she stood under.

42) Demi Moore - She was and still is quite dramatically wonderful to look at. She is now famous for being famous, but she had talent and charisma; and her on-screen career should have lasted much longer.

43) Angelina Jolie - Femme fatale she may have been, but her soft features and unique bone structure make her stand out in any crowd. She is a big loud wow of beauty. A gratifying definition of cinematic looks.

44) Halle Berry - Always magnificent looking. Her face, skin, eyes, hair and bone structure cannot be denied. Her face demands a second, a third, a fourth look.

45) Yvette Mimieux - Of most of the blondes who started in the late 50's and early 60's Mimieux had the face to remember.  She wasn't a cookie cutter version of the blonde ingenue. She certainly aged well to boot.

46) Kim Delaney - At the height of her beauty she was darn near mesmerizing. Does television make them this way anymore? Jenny? Jenny? A design of genes that make for a deafening depiction of wonderful looks.

47) Leslie Caron - Sunlight on a lovely backdrop.  Caron in "Fanny" may very well be the most feminine face of all time. I have never seen a woman more liltingly perfect walking down a flight of stairs. If you are an American in Paris, you won't see the likes of her on every corner.

48) Veronica Hamel - Another former model who stood out as an actress. Impressively beautiful. She was lovely in a brief cameo in 1971's Klute and then reigned supreme on Hill Street Blues.

49) Marilyn Monroe - For all the hoopla and sexuality she was a lovely looking woman. Norma Jean was a determined young woman who made one of the most significant marks in 20th century pop culture. Certainly not classically beautiful, but one would be hard pressed to find a more memorable image on the silver screen.

50) Donna Reed - Indeed, it's a wonderful life when you start out with that face. Her big fame would come years after the start of her film career, but there was never a hair out of place at any point in that long and successful career.

51) Loretta Young - As beautiful as she was when she was young she was even more beautiful as an older woman.  A class act from start to finish. There's a great moment where she is presenting the best film award to "Chariots of Fire" back in early 1982 and she was as graceful, elegant and beautiful as an 80 year old as she was as a 20 year old.

52) Angie Dickinson - What a face! Spellbinding at the height of her looks. Dickinson could gravitate toward the cheap on screen, but you just knew she was one of the great broads of all time (and that is said lovingly). Angie Dickinson was a generous and thoughtful woman in addition to being one of the great beauties in the history of filmed entertainment.

53) Claudia Cardinale - This is what Italy look likes.  Bountiful beauty.  Bellissima. She defines a look during the context of her time.  Stunning at all times.

54) Jean Simmons - Elegant and substantial. A gentle and soulful face. No one ever had more chemistry with Marlon Brando and that's the ultimate compliment to Ms. Simmons. 

55) Lesley Anne Down - A perfectly poetic face. Rarely does one see such beauty. A true diamond among some false stones.  Quite lovely and feminine.

56) Jane Fonda - Fonda could rock the Barbarella outfits, but it was her darn near perfect features that would make some guys run barefoot in a park. Great brow line and a perfect nose. She became bigger off-screen than on-screen and that's unfortunate since she had a well rounded film career. She lifted the shag haircut (Klute) to huge heights. She defines the concept of aging well.

57) Jeanne Crain - Crain had a classic face.  She was a simple beauty with a touch of dignity and elegance.  A distinctive and distinguished looking woman.

58) Olivia Hussey - How did she not have a bigger career?  Shakespearean even when she wasn't playing in anything even remotely Shakespearean. She was absolutely radiant.

59) Ursula Andress - Andress had a tough and fearless appearance. She possessed a dangerous lioness look. This is what you hope to look like when you attend that high school reunion. Yeah, right. No one else could possibly look like this at their high school reunion.

60) Nancy Kwan - Wonderful face, but rarely seen, but if you saw it you will always remember it.

61) Kim Basinger - Basinger was a glossy beauty with completely perfect features.  Drop dead gorgeous face. She is an ejection seat for American looks from the last 20 years of the last century.

62) Heather Locklear - The all-American girl made California perfection the way to ride a wave. Pretty much beautiful all the way around.  Surfer girl blue eyes and thick blond hair.  A killer smile with stark white teeth. Cool chicks look no further than Locklear at her height.

63) Jennifer Lopez - Lopez never seems to age and yet she appears to have not made that many changes. Obviously, DNA has been on her side. She's a huge name in the entertainment industry and she remains quite the stunner.  

64) Linda Evans - A serene and elegant woman. Most people have forgotten the Linda Evans of her early years and only remember the big shouldered, big framed head of hair from the 1980s.  Linda was lovely.

65) Angie Harmon  - Harmon is a raven haired beauty.  She was in the locker room at a spa I was at one day and she is fantastically beautiful. Ali MacGraw could have given birth to her. Someone should cast Ms. MacGraw as her mom.

66) Cheryl Ladd - Unquestionably gorgeous. Another example of a citizen from one of middle America's states who stunned on the small screen. A great example of a blonde from the Dakotas!

67) Sophia Vergara - Lavish in every way.  Great face with a head of hair that streams down a long and lean frame. An extraordinary looking woman.

68) Lee Meriwether - Wonderful face! Few people aged as well. Resplendently lovely. She wasn't a femme fatale, but a sincere and feline looking female. 

69) Joan Collins - She is often remembered for her fifty plus looks from her "Dynasty" days, but long before that nighttime soap opera, Joan Collins was a B movie screen princess who came pretty close to looking like the number one woman on the list.

70) Connie Selleca - A lush brunette beauty. She was the anti-blonde television star of the era. Her features were daringly bold.  A festival of a face.

71) Eleanor Parker - Parker literally kept getting better looking as she aged. She had an overwhelming elegance and yet also looked like your neighbor. A gifted actress as well.

72) Madeleine Stowe - Stowe has the most angular face on this list outside of Loretta Young. Her highlight moment on screen - "The Last of the Mohicans." One could understand Daniel Day-Lewis saying "I will find you." She has that rare combination of elegance and tough broad appeal. She speaks with perfect diction and she penetrates with that stare.

73) Keira Knightley - That bone structure alone would have Ms. Knightley grace this list. Absolutely beautiful whether on a pirate's ship or in a contemporary setting. Quite regal even in a pair of blue jeans.

74) Isabella Rossellini - The only daughter of another woman (Ingrid Bergman is her mom, so of course, she got some great genes) on this list.  

75) Megan Fox - Awesomely beautiful face. So beautiful you almost can't believe it's real. It's completely unbelievable that someone looks like this.

76) Donna Mills - You couldn't miss those eyes if you had a mask on. What a face! She had a twinkle in her eye and a blistering smile of confidence.

77) Salma Hayek - I've seen her twice.  She walked into a room at an event and she turned everyone's eyes, including dozens of people that were surrounded by the beautiful people on a regular basis. I then saw her in the bathroom at a television network's Southern California office. I was struck by her petiteness, but she kind of looked almost as good dressed down as she did dressed up.

78) Gabrielle Union - Killer smile and skin.  Delightfully happy and magnificent face.

79) Sienna Miller - A carefree beauty.  Looks like this don't last forever!  If she were a color, she'd be fuchsia. She is a showy and vivid example of a blue-eyed British blonde.

80) Rosamund Pike - Classic looks. Those cheekbones sit way up firm and high. Gorgeous face. She is also capable of going from playing Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice to a portrait of pure evil in Gone Girl.

81) Dana Wynter - Elegance in spring, summer, fall and winter. Dana Wynter was a gentle flow of rain on a warm and lovely day.

82) Faye Dunaway - Bone structure from a dream.  A repeated dream. Unbelievable bone structure. Those bones are like a gladiator in full fight.

83) Lily James - Downton Abbey, Cinderella, War & Peace, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. We suspect she will have a major career in both film and television. Feminine and lovely.

84) Nicole Kidman - Porcelain skin. Fragile, feminine and always elegant.  Kidman is a graceful grab of gold in the face department. Does anyone wear any piece of clothing better than Kidman?

85) Jane Asher - A wisp of Shakespearean gracefulness. She may be the one living person on this list that manages to look even more beautiful as a senior citizen than she did in her 20s. She enters a room as though she were a member of the Royal family. Not with arrogance, but with sophistication and elegance. She's bloody gorgeous and her smile lights up the screen and any room she's in. A household name in the U.K., but her stunning face and superb acting should have made her a household name in the U.S. as well.

86) Dorothy Dandridge - Dandridge was a blueprint for healthy, good looks. A gifted singer and actress who died tragically at the age of 42. A grand looking woman with a great wealth of lovely physical attributes.

87) Rene Russo - The photographer, Francesco Scavullo who photographed almost every well known woman of the 60's and 70's said she was the most beautiful "girl" he had ever seen. Russo had it all, including one heck of a great head of hair. That face is a handy lethal weapon.

88) Virna Lisi - One of the most lovely of all of the Italian actresses.  She was a big wow from every vantage point. It's all about those bones!

89) Lucille Ball - The most gifted comedy actor in the history of film and television is still iconic some sixty years after the debut of the monumental "I Love Lucy," but most people forget how bountiful her beauty was.

90) Barbara Parkins - Parkins worked quite a bit back in the 1960's and then disappeared, but if you catch a glimpse of that fabulous face on one of those TCM not so classics you will be reminded of what a great beauty looks like.

91) Ziyi Zhang - Radiant in any hemisphere.  Zhang qualifies as a major high five in the department of beautiful on-screen women.

92) Bo Derek - Derek gained near phenom fame back when the film "Ten" was released. Her look became an iconic statement in film beauty circles for years to come. She couldn't act, but even over 30 years later Derek packs a a whole lot of holiday in that face.

93) Barbara Eden - This kind of face could be on your three wish list for the genie to grant you.


94)  Senta Berger - The Austrian Raquel Welch. She had what people used to call "exotic looks." Berger has the face of dramatic flair with rock star singer looks. Her career in Europe was much bigger than the mark she left in the U.S. film and television worlds.

95) Tuesday Weld - A near faultless face in some imperfect cinematic worlds.  Her on screen combination of innocence and world-weariness still resonates with viewers of her performances.

96) Courtney Cox - Cute in Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" video and eventually the best looking of the friends.

97) Linda Darnell - At one point, she was sold as the girl with the perfect face. She was a lovely actress who couldn't quite the get big roles. She died tragically in a house fire at the age of 41. One is inclined to look and then look again.

98) Janine Turner - No matter the exposure she was in, her delicate and almost too perfect of a face could turn heads.
99) Dina Merrill - Absolutely stunning woman who graced both television and film with her magnificently elegant face. Class act with perfect features.

100) Maria Montez - Maria Montez died at the age of 39, so her life was cut short by a heart attack. She was born in the Dominican Republic and wound up becoming the unofficial queen of Technicolor. Her exotic (at the time) looks catapulted her to highlighting swashbucklers and a variety of big event films.