Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Review - One Minute After You Die

The old adage of you only have to do two things in life – die and pay taxes doesn’t define truth.  The only thing you will have to do, is die.  You don’t have to pay taxes.  If you refuse, you will end up in prison or face a penalty and/or a fine, but there is no escaping death.  Each one of us will conclude our earthly lives with a death. Death is a part of life.

For all intents and purposes most people rarely think about death.  I mean seriously ponder the concept of death.  What will death be like?  When will I die?  How will I die? Will I suffer?  Where will I go after I die?  Heaven or hell?  This certainly can’t be it.  If this is it, then justice doesn’t exist and Plato defined the concept of justice so profoundly that clearly there must be justice for all.

Thinking about death is often depressing, but it is amazing that so few of us think of death even though we are surrounded by it.  We live in a culture of death.  Look at the news. Read a paper, listen to the radio, catch the headlines on any news site. We do indeed live in a culture of death. 

Just in my lifetime alone, I have witnessed the deaths of three grandparents, one father, one brother, 13 aunts/uncles, three cousins and numerous associates, friends and various other extended family members; and a whole host of other people I’ve known during my life. They are gone.  I will never see them again on this earth.  I will never hear their voices.  I will never see their faces.  I will never get to enjoy a summer barbeque, play a round of gin rummy or take a long walk with any of them on planet earth ever again.   However, some of them I will see again, since scripture states that we will recognize those we knew on earth once we are in heaven.

18 months ago I was diagnosed with a severe internal carotid artery occlusion and quite frankly I thought I was going to die.  I was prepared for death and in some ways I looked forward to it. I had become a Christian at the age of 17 and as flawed as I was I knew the concept of saved by grace through my faith would secure me a spot in eternal glory.  Not that I deserved a spot in eternal glory, since none of us do, but I had honestly and sincerely repented of my sins and humbled myself at the cross of Christ. 

After my near death experience I needed and wanted to know more.  I proceeded to read two books about the concept of death and heaven.  One of the books I read was “One Minute After You Die” by Erwin Lutzer.  Lutzer is the Senior Pastor of Moody Church in Chicago.  He is also a relatively prolific author.  I’ve read most of his books, but this one quite literally embraced and then comforted my soul.  Lutzer is a Biblically sound teacher who bases everything he puts on the page on scripture. 

Lutzer takes on tough situations regarding heaven and hell and uses theologically sound doctrine to do it. Dr. Lutzer clearly and eloquently articulates what the Bible says about our eternal destination.  We will all have an eternal home and eternal life, but depending on where you go will depend on what your eternal life will be like. Lutzer lays out the glories of heaven and the horrors of hell and he does it all with a determined, authoritative and biblical approach.

Depending on your perspective, you will either be comforted or troubled by the book.  It will certainly make you ask the question – what if I died today.

I was calmed knowing that my father and brother were going to spend eternal life in the arms of their Lord and that one day I would join them. 

Lutzer is a powerful writer.  He packs more into 100 pages than most authors can slide into 1000 pages.  He is not only a knowledgeable and wise sage from a scriptural perspective; he is also a gifted writer.  The book is short and if you read quickly you can accomplish the goal of reading the book in a couple of nights.

It is a thorough and satisfying read and it shows that everything in your life is under the providential hand of God.  Your illnesses, accidents, trials and tribulations are not necessarily God’s perfect will for your life, but they are God’s permissive will for your life.

“One Minute After You Die” is one of the best books you could possibly read in your lifetime.  It is one of the essentials.  Every Christian should read it; and for that matter every non-Christian should read it.  It is powerful, thought provoking and scripturally on-target.

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