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The Most Beautiful Couples of All-Time

There was one rule for all voters. The only way a couple could make this list was they had to be married, had been married or they had to have at least five years together as a couple (not having been married). When you are dealing with the beautiful and the famous you have to have some foundation of a ground rule, since the beautiful and the famous aren't exactly known for their long-term commitments to fidelity. Every one of these couples fit the bill. Another rule was that both individuals had to be public figures on their own. Go wild and disagree. By beautiful we meant beautiful. If we are going to waste our lives assembling the superficial aspects of life we may as well go full throttle and make sure the really stunning folks make the list. My own personal favorites made the list, but then again, my parents were stunning and I held back placing them on the list. 

1) Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner - It would be wildly difficult to come up with two more sensationally beautiful people in a marriage than these two people.They married for the first time back in the late 1950's. Divorced in the early 1960's and then they reconnected nearly a decade later and seemingly realized their love was deep and long. Wagner and Wood married for the second time on a boat in the early 1970s.  Natalie Wood died mysteriously on Thanksgiving Day, 1981, (while on a boating journey) but she had spent her last 23 years of life in three marriages and two of them were with film/television actor, Robert Wagner. Their two wedding day photos alone lay the ground for near physical perfection. Wood had a long and successful film career that saw her as a child actor, a teen actor and a successful three-time Academy Award nominee. Wagner had a lenghthy television and film career and still works as we go to hitting publish.

2) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that mixing these two faces into one couple delivers a power punch of gorgeousness. They have had children of their own and have used their good fortune to adopt children in need. They both seem to be aging quite nicely, but hopefully their love will last 'til death do them part. They've only paired on-screen once, so maybe another film will come from the couple soon. Married!

3) Julie Christie and Warren Beatty - Beatty dated so many beautiful women that you could almost  put him on this list with a whole host of other lovely women. Leslie Caron, Natalie Wood, and Joan Collins were three of his more formidable conquests and all of them were/are stunning, but Julie Christie was with Beatty longer than any of these other women and she is one of the most beautiful women who ever graced a movie screen. They never married, but they spent about seven years together as a couple. What children they may have produced? It's hard to believe he is pushing 80 years of age. Christie practically still looks like the mod 1960's fashion plate she once was back during the all encompassing British invastion of the 1960s.

4) Francis Dee and Joel McCrea - In order to do this right, you have to go back a bit and back is what we did. True movie buffs not only get this couple, but they get the beauty. McCrea and Dee were married for years. They spent a near literal lifetime together and they managed to do all of this without a hint of scandal. Of all the old movie stars no two looked better together than these two. He was just a knockout and she graced the screen with a high level of old fashioned elegance. They left Hollywood years and years ago which may be a key reason why their marriage lasted until a last breath.

5) Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn - They separated after 13 years of marriage. Great faces. They almost look alike. I saw her once in the locker room of a spa in the Los Angeles area. She looks great without make-up. That's the true testament of a great looking woman. We kind of thought they were the real deal. There's no business like show business.

6) Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere - This marriage didn't last too long, but it gave us two memorable faces. Crawford seemingly doesn't age. Her second husband is quite the looker as well. Gere is handsome without being a pretty boy. His features aren't perfect or even symmetrical, but he is one attractive guy. Crawford may be one of the best looking women who ever lived. I saw her in Malibu on a somewhat regular basis and she always looked pretty much perfect physically.

7) Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott - The voices, the smiles, the length of years behind their marriage. Ross and Elliott are the two old hippie types on this list. A far prettier face than Katharine Ross one cannot find. Elliott even manages to look good all bearded up and ready for the high hills. They've been together for nearly 40 years. Ross didn't bother with the usual suspect treatments that most actresses fall in line with, so she hasn't worked much in her senior years, but she's another one of those people that even wrinkled still has it. 

8) Jane Asher and Paul McCartney - Asher and McCartney were together for 5 1/2 years during the Beatles heyday and McCartney wrote some of his best love songs for/about her. He also wrote some of his best I love you, but I'm mad at you songs for her. We Can Work It Out, For No One, I'm Looking Through You were some of McCartney's best overall compositions and it's too bad they stopped disagreeing. He also wrote And I Love Her, Things We Said Today, and All My Loving for the stunning Asher. She was the most significant muse of the rock era. She was smarter and stronger than the average bear, since few 22 year olds would say bye-bye to a man they loved who happened to be a Beatle. By all accounts he wanted her to give up her beloved career. Here, There and Everywhere may very well be the most consequential love song written in the rock era. Love never jumped off of a music device more vividly than with this catastrophically beautiful song.

9) Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach - A 60's power couple who courted themselves out of a long-haul relationship. They were quite the stunners and together they were doubly stunning. Bacharach is one of the most successful composers of the 20th century. Imagine owning that catalog? Dickinson was a beautiful woman who had a successful career in film and then again on television. Her Pepper Anderson (Police Woman) became a role model for many a young woman coming of age in the 1970s.

10) Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen - This early 1970's hot duo didn't last long. If nothing else, they were certainly a lovely couple. McQueen died young from cancer. He was only 50 years old when his life ended. MacGraw was naturally attractive. This is the woman who looked better in weekend runaround clothes than most woman look in sequined gowns. True and natural style not bested by anyone outside of Audrey Hepburn.

11) Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal - Fawcett had one of the most memorable faces of the second half of the 20th century. The smile and the hair still rank high as desirable traits. O'Neal had the all-American face that was downright near perfect. Before she and O'Neal gave chase to a long relationship she also mowed down another good looking actor. She was married to the Bionic Man's Lee Majors. Fawcett tragically died in 2009 after a long struggle with cancer.

12) Olivia Hussey and Dean Paul Martin - Olivia Hussey was beautiful and Dean Paul Martin looked like the female version of his mother even though his father was a shock of good looks as well. The story goes that Dean Paul Martin saw Hussey in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet and wanted to meet her. Being the celebrity son of an American vocal and entertainment legend made it easy for him to get an introduction. They birthed a child. Martin died tragically in a fatal plane crash.

13) Jean Shrimpton and Terence Stamp - Imagine being in a room when these two walked in? Talk about feeling slightly slouchy. Wow. We need more beautiful people falling in love with one another.
Shrimpton was the ultimate supermodel of swinging London in the 1960s. She fronted Yardley of London for years. 

14) Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - Rumors swirl that their marriage is over, but they were together for a long time and by entertainment industry standards, their marriage has lasted a long time. Hopefully, they will continue on for years to come. Both are great looking in person, which is the ultimate testament in the good looks department.

15) Ann-Margret and Roger Smith - Smith is barely remembered at this stage of life, but there was a time when his 77 Sunset Strip looks adorned the minds of lots of women across the Western world. Ann-Margret was the coolest chick on a movie screen during the heyday of the 1960's romantic comedies. They never had biological children together, but they have manged to stay married since 1967.

16) Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy and John Kennedy - Two superb looking people. Unfortunately, for America and the world their love ended tragically on a horribly twisted day in history. They both had smiles that went on for days. By the way, politics doesn't play a role here. These two were just good looking.

17) Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr. - How do you not love him? He's got that superb voice for the great American songbook and he's a cutie to boot. She gained fame as a model in the 1990's. Great looking couple.

18) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green - They seem like odd ducks from a personality perspective, but they certainly are an attractive couple. Megan Fox doesn't even seem real. Exceptionally good looking duo. I hope they last for a lifetime.

19) Christy Turlington and Edward Burns - She is one of the major supermodels from the final years of the 20th century. The two of them connected in a somewhat romantic fashion and so far their relationship has survived the life of modeling and show biz.

20) Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox - Two of the best looking people God ever allowed. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, but just based on looks alone they were pretty unforgettable.
Near physically perfect!

21) Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin - Lots of fighting between these two, but you would be hard pressed not to recognize what a stunning couple they once made. Highly unfortunate this relationship didn't last.

22) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz - No show biz married couple could possibly be more aligned as a duo. Even sixty plus years after the debut of the iconic I Love Lucy program people know it when you say Lucy and Ricky or Lucy and Desi. Lucille Ball was gorgeous. Her comic timing is unmatched by any other actor, but with that we sort of forget how great looking she was.

23) Pattie Boyd and George Harrison - A second Beatle makes this list. George was a good looking guy who got lost in all of the cute Beatle stuff put upon Paul McCartney. Patricia Boyd was a top model (four times on the cover of Vogue in 1969) who captured Beatle George's heart and she was secondary as muse to only McCartney's love, Jane Asher. Boyd eventually married Eric Clapton. They were a good looking couple too.

24) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton - Not to put the grand dame of beauty on the list would be shameful; and Burton was a hunk of masculinity. Yes, they were a beautiful couple.  She was also recently voted the Most Beautiful Actress of All-Time in another poll on this site. What a face!

25) Cheryl Tiegs and Peter Beard - Tiegs was one of the top models from the 1970's. When she connected with photographer, Peter Beard they made couple history. Who on earth really looks like this? Well, besides some of the other people on this list...

26) Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant - Tis a pity this relationship didn't last longer, even though by entertainment industry standards it lasted a pretty long time. If nothing else, they looked perfect together.

27) Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham - She's easily the best looking female rock star ever and Buckingham with facial hair and without it was a superb looking man. Rock on for the ages. Nicks even aged well. Those songs they wrote about one another still live on. Silver Springs. Oh yeah!

28) Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid - These two were just adorable and then the eyes seemed to rove and roved more. Great looking couple.

29) Carolyn Bessette and John Kennedy Jr. - He was the most gorgeous man that ever walked the planet and then he encounters the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. I suspect she even looked good at dawn and no one looks good at dawn. Rest in Peace.

30) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher - She's a doll and he's got that classic, yet not so classic featured face. Who knows? Maybe this time it's for real.

31) Romy Schneider and Alain Delon - You have to be a film buff to know who these two are. Delon was awe-inspiring in the looks department and his one time spouse was a unique and lovely woman.

32) Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. - McCoo was gorgeous. Easily one of the best looking women show business ever produced. Their marriage has lasted a really long time. God bless them both! They no longer tour with the Fifth Dimension, but you could still listen to their music.  

33) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds - Let's see how long this lasts, but they are married, so they qualified.  Nice looking couple. Love takes time folks!

34) Edyta Sliwinksa and Alec Mazo - They gained fame on Dancing with the Stars and then went off and danced with their business. Hard to forget those looks. May it last for many more years. May it last a lifetime.

35) Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson - Obviously, one of the great love stories of all-time. Tragic early death for her. Lovely couple.

36) Jessica Lange and Sam Shephard - It's more than a shame that these two eventually split up. They were together nearly 30 years. How does that happen? After 30 years you suddenly decide you don't like someone anymore? Great looking duo.

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